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Twin School

Moor Park is the first school in Britain to be taking part in a project in which schools are twinned with schools in Pakistan. We have been twinned with DIL Mehran School in Orangi Town, Karachi.

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Global Dignity Day

Although we cannot agree on culture/religion/politics – all people can agree that everyone deserves dignity. Please see Global dignity website for lots of information on this charity.


In an extra special Assembly, to celebrate Global Dignity Day, we linked up with our TWINS school, the DIL Mehran School in Karachi, Pakistan. We shared videos stories from their children to ours and vice versa. Together all the children considered how they had experienced Dignity in their lives.

Follow up PSHE lessons saw children share their own dignity stories with their partners, and then with the class if they felt able to do so. They will then write their own letter to themselves to be opened next year. Children who have left the school next year will be sent their letters via mail.

One of the videos is here for you to see one of the wonderful messages we received from the children at the DIL Mehran School. Click on the picture below to view the Video from Urooj (Grade 7) of Mehran School, Karachi

Other contact with our TWINS School

Year Six has been e.mailing children at DIL Mehran and we have exchanged photographs with many of them. We have been dazzled by the pictures of smiling children in bright sunlight, with amazing smiles and white teeth, and very handsome uniforms worn with obvious pride, which have been donated to the school by overseas aid.


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The new water cooler in place at DIL Mehran School

The new water cooler in place at DIL Mehran School

A class using the new computers

A class using the new computers

This is what the children have learnt about some of the new penpals

Laraib wants to be an engineer one day. She has just two brothers and, unusually, her mother goes out to work in a clothing factory. Her father may also work at the battery factory but we are not sure. She said in an e.mail to me that ‘Pakistani people like the simple life’ but we are not sure whether this was said with a hint of sorrow. Interestingly, her grandparents live in America.

Kamran Irfan is eleven. He has two brothers and two sisters, and his father is a stone mason. Kamran prefers cricket to football and we are going to be telling all the boys about our cricket at Moor Park once it has stopped raining.

Nargis is quite a character. She likes cricket and has sent us photographs of her collection of parrots which all nest in little flower pots. Her father also is a stone mason. Everyone tells her that she is very funny and she looks a cheery person.

To find out more about Twin Schools, have a look at the Twin Schools Website

Two pupils at DIL Mehran School



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