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The fees for the 2017/2018 academic year are as follows;

Fee Guide September 2017

Registration Fee – All pupils

EU Residents

The £100 Registration Fee is payable to enrol your child for the school and is non-refundable. It does not guarantee your child a place at the school.

Non-EU Residents

Non-EU pupils pay a non-refundable £400 Registration Fee and also pay a deposit of one term’s fees which is refundable (less outstanding charges) when the pupil leaves the school. So for a Y4 to Y8 Full Boarder, for example, this would be £8,200.



Payable to secure your child’s place in the School. Refundable upon your child leaving the school, less any charges:

Tick Tock, Nursery & Kindergarten: £200.00

Reception to Year 8: £400.00

Pupils moving from Kindergarten to Reception will be billed the additional deposit of £200.


The Basic Day Fee

The basic day fee covers tuition, all teaching facilities, text books, exercise books, meals, sport, match travel and the majority of activities. Individual tuition for learning a musical instrument, speech and drama, sports coaching or for learning support is not covered by the basic day fee.


The Basic Boarding Fee

This covers everything included in the Basic Day Fee plus any boarding booked and charged for in advance.

These fees are charged termly in advance with the amount varying according to the pupil’s year group and whether they are day or boarding pupils.


Year Group Basic Day Fee Full Boarding Fee
Year 4 to Year 8 £5,525 £8,200
Year 3 £4,170 £6,845
Year 1 and Year 2 £2,820
Reception £2,475


From September 2017, the Full Boarding Fee includes up to £50 worth of weekend activities per term. Anything which your child participates in over £50 per term will be added to your bill. For the majority of boarders, the £50 included per term is sufficient to cover all such activities.


From September 2017, boarding nights booked in advance will be charged for based on actual nights booked.






The Tree House ~ Year 3 & Year 4


The cost per night to stay at The Tree House is £30. We are aware that your child may wish to try just a few nights at first. To this end we ask you to commit for a term but if, for any reason, this does not work out you will only be charged for the nights on which your child boards. This introductory price and flexibility are designed to make the early years of boarding at Moor Park as positive an experience for you and your child as possible. You are welcome to book extra nights and these too will be charged at £30.


Main House ~ Year 5 to Year 8


The following prices apply to nights booked in advance before the start of the relevant term:-


1 – 3 nights per week £40 per night

4 – 5 nights £38 per night


Friday remains the most popular night and priority will be given to those children who are booked in for 2 or more nights per week.


Children booking in for a Friday night will not be charged for Exeats, half terms or end of terms.


Additional ad hoc nights paid for in arrears £43 per night


Changing boarding arrangements and missed nights

  • Illness or other exceptional circumstance: we will do our best to enable missed nights to be re-booked without charge subject to availability.
  • Change of regular boarding night(s): please discuss any requests with the Head of Boarding who will do his best to accommodate your request, subject to availability.
  • One-off changes to boarding nights: we will try to facilitate these wherever possible, the exception being a swap to any special/themed nights. These themed nights are planned for different nights of the week during the year.



Until the term in which your child turns 5 years old, they will be entitled to the 15 government funded hours per week. Eligible working families will be able to claim 30 hours of funded care per week. Whilst eligible, the value of these hours will be deducted from your termly fee.


Reception children receive a number of specialist taught activities which are included in your Day Fee. These include Mini Movers Dance classes, Sports Stars activity, Music lessons and Woodland School.






Children move into this class in the term after they turn three and remain in Kindergarten until the July before they transfer into Reception.


The Kindergarten day is divided into two sessions, each of equal length and value:

Morning Session (08.15 am – 11.45 am) £23.00 per session

Afternoon Session (12.15 pm – 3.45 pm) £23.00 per session


The charge will include a mid-session snack + drink. The sessional fee includes a number of high quality, specialist taught extra-curricular activities, that are available to all children depending on which day your child is booked in. These include Mini Movers Dance classes (Tuesday am), Mini Music Makers (Wednesday am), Sports Stars (Thursday am) and Woodland School (primarily Mondays but we will aim to allow all children to experience Woodland School on a regular basis). The sessional fee includes most extra-curricular activities, but excludes individual coaching and learning support.


Lunch is available to all and is charged at £ 5.00 per day


All three and four year olds are able to receive up to 15 hours of government funded childcare.


At Moor Park, parents are required to commit to at least three sessions per week in order to access the government funded hours, with these funded hours (3 hours per session) being put towards the charge for the total hours provided (3.5 hours per session).


From September 2017, eligible working parents will be able to access an additional 15 hours of funded care, making 30 hours in total.



Weekly Charge for 3 sessions (£23 x 3) £ 69.00

Weekly funded hours for these sessions (£ 3.90 x 9) £ 35.10

Weekly charge to parent for 3 sessions £ 33.90



Weekly Charge for 5 sessions (£23 x 5) £115.00

Weekly Funded hours for these sessions (£3.90 x 15) £ 58.50

Weekly Charge to parent for 5 sessions £ 56.50


Example (if eligible for 30 hours of funded childcare):-

Weekly charge for 10 sessions (£23 x 10) £230.00

Weekly funded hours for these sessions (£3.90 x 30) £117.00

Weekly charge to parent for 10 sessions £113.00


Half a term’s notice to the School is required for any change in the number of sessions.



Tick Tock

Under 2s

Full day 8.00 am – 6.00 pm: £ 52.00

Half day 8.00 am – 1.00 pm or 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm: £ 34.00

Full week: £245.00

Over 2s

Full day: £ 50.00

Half day: £ 32.00

Full week: £235.00


Price includes breakfast, lunch, snack and tea. We provide milk or water to drink.


The sessional fee also includes a number of high quality, specialist taught extra-curricular activities, that are available to all children depending on which day your child is booked in, and the age of your child. These include ‘Sing and Sign’ Baby signing sessions, Mini Movers Dance classes (Tuesday am), Mini Music Makers (Wednesday am), Sports Stars (Thursday am) and Woodland School (primarily Mondays and Fridays but we aim to allow all children to experience Woodland School on a regular basis).




Methods of Payment

The following methods of payment are acceptable:-


  • By bank transfer directly to the school’s bank account.

HSBC Bank plc

Sort Code: 40-47-17

Account number 22754533

Please quote either the bill number or account number on your transfer.


  • By cheque made out to ‘Moor Park Charitable Trust Ltd’


  • By advance payment/ lump sum. If a fee payer wishes to make an advance payment of fees, a discount will be applied based on current interest rates. Please contact the Bursar for further details.


  • By monthly standing order. For parents who would like the facility to pay monthly, we can accept a monthly standing order arrangement provided that the term’s fees are covered by four instalments and payments commence in the month prior to the start of term. Details are available from the Bursar.



Bursaries may be made available to existing parents who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship or to new parents who are not in a position to pay full fee. All bursaries are means-tested and require the submission of full financial details to Bursary Administration Limited who draw up a financial summary report for the Governors to enable them to judge eligibility and the level of any award. The ability of the school to offer bursaries is dependent on its financial position at a given time and the maximum awarded is likely to be below 50% of the applicable fee. Bursaries are usually granted for a defined period, but may be granted with the expectation of being long term, subject to annual review. Details of the school’s policy on bursaries are available from the Bursar.


Please be aware that all bursary offers should remain confidential between the parents and the school.


Armed Forces discount

The school has a policy of offering allowances to children of members of the armed forces. Members of the armed forces qualify for a 10% discount on each child.


Sibling discount

Parents with 3 children at the school will receive a 10% discount on their third child’s basic day fee. A fourth child at the school will receive a 25% discount on the basic day fee. Please note that these discounts only apply while 3 or 4 children from the same family are in attendance at Moor Park at the same time.




The uniform price list can be found on the website.


Daily Minibus run

Charge per journey per child – under 8 miles £2.00

over 8 miles £3.00


After School Club

Daily charge £10.00

Daily charge for children with sibling in Year 3 or above £3.00


Occasional Breakfast/ Evening Meal

Charge per meal £4.00


Common Entrance Exam charges £115.00


Pocket money is usually deposited by parents with houseparents and is then given to the child eg. when they go on a trip.


Half a term’s notice is required to cease any extra tuition lessons and any other chargeable activities.


School Fee Plan

Please see the Bursar for information on paying fees by monthly instalments and pupil fee insurance. Click on image below for a link to full details of the programme.

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December 2017

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Year 3 Trip to Hereford Cathedral
  • TT Feast
  • Candlelit Christmas ~ Words & Music ~ Chapel
  • Middle School Theatre Trip ~ 'Alice in Wonderland'
  • Pre-Prep Christmas Play
  • Pre-Prep Christmas Party (Kind – Year 2 inc)
  • Benediction
  • JAC County Hockey 4.45pm
  • Prep-School Christmas Party Years 3, 4 & 5
  • Prep School Christmas Party Years 6, 7 & 8
  • Term Ends
  • Interim Reports Years 3 & 6
  • Rehearsal for Carol Service at St Peter's Church, Ludlow
  • Concert Choir Practice (including Adults) - dressed for Carol Concert
  • Pre-Prep Term ends (Kind – Year 2 inc)
  • Carol Service (Years 3 – 8) ~ St Peter's Church, Ludlow
  • End of term Y3-5 Henderson Hall -Y6-8 Sports Hall

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