Information for Overseas Students - Academic Year 2014/2015

  • Overseas children have been coming to Moor Park for a number of years and have all enjoyed the experience. We only take a small number from any one country (maximum of 6) for a full year.
  • We find it beneficial to have more than one child from the same country as they provide support for each other, particularly in the early stages.
  • Children should have a reasonable level of English before coming to Moor Park.
  • We usually use Heathrow airport and transport can be arranged to and from the airport. The cost will be dependent on numbers and whether a minibus or taxi is used. It will be divided between the children and will be billed separately.
  • Pupils should arrive the day before term starts and arrange to leave school on the last day of term. If this is not possible, then they should make arrangements for the day before that.
  • We have ‘leave weekends’ (Exeat) approximately every 3 weeks when overseas students stay with English families who have children in the school. At half term we strongly recommend that children return home to their families. They need this contact with their parents and it can be difficult to find somewhere for them to stay for a whole week.
  • For children who are coming for the whole year, it is important that we have the name of someone to contact in England in case of emergency.
  • All overseas children will receive a minimum of 2 hours per week English as a Foreign Language (EFL) lessons, whether or not they have been entered for a formal EFL Examination (see below). These are charged in advance. Any additional lessons required will be charged in arrears as extras (see below).
  • Overseas children who come for the whole year, and whose English is of an appropriate standard, are encouraged to take the Cambridge Preliminary Certificate in English and EFL lessons are structured for this.
  • We follow the English National Curriculum but are usually in advance of this. We also offer subjects outside the National Curriculum eg Latin and Personal & Social Health Education.
  • Pocket money: a maximum of £50 per child should be allowed. This, together with their passport, should be handed to a school official on arrival at Moor Park and will be given out as appropriate during the term.
  • The fees are charged termly in advance and cover academic and accommodation expenses. Extras, such as trips and outings, travel to and from the airport, additional EFL lessons and music instrument lessons, are charged in arrears and will be listed on the following term’s invoice.
  • The easiest method of payment is by bank transfer. The school’s bank details are as follows:

HSBC Bank plc Worcester


IBAN NO.GB06MIDL40471722754533

Sort Code: 40-47-17

Account No: 22754533

Account Name: Moor Park Charitable Trust Ltd



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