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The Arts

Whether it be singing or learning the ukulele in the music rooms, sawing and drilling in the DT room, rolling and moulding clay in the ceramics room or dancing in the hall, there is huge scope for children to express their creativity at Moor Park. All of the children in the Pre-prep enjoy dance sessions in their music and movement and PE lessons and many choose to take ballet as an extra-curricular activity.


In the Pre-Prep every child takes part in music classes.  Years One and Two have their own choir, rehearsing weekly.  In Year Two every child is encouraged to read music by being taught the recorder and ukulele. Your child is also most welcome to start an instrument at any point during the Pre-Prep with one of our dedicated Instrumental teachers.


mp_preprep_drama_webDrama is taught, in the Pre-Prep as part of the English curriculum. Role play is a key learning tool for developing story writing skills, and drama games are often used to accompany PSHE and circle time sessions. There are many opportunities for the Pre-Prep children to perform across the year. Regular class assemblies allow the children to build their confidence in a familiar and safe setting, and the children enjoy hugely, our visits from ‘Open the Book’ who invite the children to join in performances of familiar bible stories.

Christmas is a special time of year in the Pre-Prep; Reception to Year 2 work hard on their wonderful Christmas production which is performed to a large audience at the end of term. The show is always stolen by Nursery and Kindergarten who end the performance with their own Nativity.

The Lent term is a time for variety, and each class perform, sing and dance in our Easter Extravaganza.

Speech & Drama

Many pupils start to study Speech & Drama in their early years at Moor Park. A team of dedicated staff ensure that individual and small group lessons are beneficial and rewarding.


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