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The Prep School

Moor Park is a co-educational country prep school in a beautiful setting in the Shropshire countryside, combining outstanding academic and extra-curricular success, with a culture of kindness founded on Catholic principles.

The Prep School starts for children in Year Three and ends in Year Eight when children leave Moor Park to go to the senior school of their choice. The prep school is split up into the Middle School for Year Three to Five when children have a Form Teacher in charge of their pastoral care and academic progress and the Upper School from Year Six to Eight when children have a Tutor who guides them through the last three years of Moor Park. Each Tutor group is no bigger than ten pupils and is made up of children from Year Six to Year Eight.

The curriculum is broad, offering challenge and opportunity for all: confidence can often grow from success in a small part of school life. Year Three follows naturally from the Pre-Prep, with much emphasis on literacy and numeracy, taught by the form teacher. As the children rise through the school they develop greater independence, being taught by subject specialists, enjoying a broad curriculum which includes, for example, classics, It & Computing, and PSHEE/Citizenship. French is taught in the Pre-Prep but becomes almost a core subject as children reach Year Four.  Children start learning Latin in Year Five and Spanish is introduced in Year Seven.

Children go on overnight camps and trips every year with a week in France in Year Seven and a week of outdoor adventure in Year Eight.  It is our belief that residential trips enrich children’s education and personal development.

Year Eight is very special. Pupils are trusted and given responsibility, whether it be Head Girl, Captain of Cricket, or escorting the Pre-Prep children from the bus to the classroom in the morning. They are expected to take responsibility for their learning and to manage their own time. They flex their adolescent muscles in an environment that supports them through this sometimes difficult period of their lives.

Pupils leave for a wide range of nationally known Senior Schools – as individual as them. Almost without exception, they gain places at their first choice of school. A good number win scholarships which may be academic, artistic, sporting, musical, or ‘all round’.

In recent years our pupils have won academic Scholarships to Harrow, Rugby, Shrewsbury, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Oundle, Malvern College, Moreton Hall, Christ College Brecon, Monmouth, St Mary’s Calne and Ellesmere.


June 2017

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Common Entrance Examinations
  • Years 6 & 7 Examinations
  • Rounders U13A v Bedstone College (H) U11A v King’s Hawford Tournament (A) U10 v Packwood Tournament (A)
  • IAPS Triathlon in Cranbrook, Kent
  • Mass (followed by supper)
  • Year 1 Trip on Severn Valley Railway
  • Year 8 Leavers’ Photograph
  • Year 3 Greek Talk
  • Parent & Child Tennis Tournament Years 4 & 5
  • School Tennis Championship Finals (R Wheeler)
  • Cricket Colts A v RGS Worcester Tournament (A)
  • Rounders U12 v Winterfold (H)
  • Girls’ Cricket U11A v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (A) U11B v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (A)
  • Year 7 trip to Goodrich Castle
  • Parent & Child Tennis Tournament Years 6 – 8 inc.
  • Mass with procession of Blessed Sacrament
  • 3 Play ~ Secret Garden ~ Parents welcome
  • Summer Concert – All Saints Church, Richard's Castle
  • Girls’ Cricket U13A v The Downs, Malvern (H) U11A v The Downs, Malvern (H)
  • Rounders U13B v Packwood Haugh (A) U13C v Packwood Haugh (A)
  • Cricket 1st v Packwood Haugh (H) 2nd v Packwood Haugh (A) Colts A v Packwood Haugh (A) Colts B v Packwood Haugh (H)
  • Effort Grades: Year 7
  • Mass (Ludlow)
  • Rounders U10 v RGS Worcester Tournament (A)
  • Cricket Colts A v The Downs, Malvern (H) Colts B v The Downs, Malvern (A)
  • Nursery Parents' Evening (Classroom)
  • Year 1G Parents' Evening (Classroom)
  • Year 8 Leavers' Matches
  • Year 7 French trip returns
  • Year 4 Camp depart
  • Kindergarten Parents' Evening (Classroom)
  • Year 8 “Scottish Reels” at Moreton Hall
  • Year 7 Parents' Evening ~ Henderson Hall
  • Ladies' Doubles Tennis Tournament
  • Year 8 Headmaster's BBQ ~ Clock House
  • Cricket 1st v Winterfold (H) 3rd v Winterfold (H)
  • Rounders U13A v Winterfold (A) U13B v Winterfold (A) U11A v Packwood Haugh (H) U10 v Packwood Haugh (H)
  • Year 4 Camp return
  • Kindergarten Parents' Evening (Classroom)
  • Year 2 Parents' Evening (Classroom)
  • Year 8 Leavers' Dinner
  • Mass
  • Year 6 Informal Play 'Dream in the Woods' ~ Parents welcome
  • Year 8 Play ~ Henderson Hall
  • MPPA meeting ~ Library
  • Year 3 Mystery Trip
  • Nursery & Kindergarten Sports Day
  • Pre-Prep Sports Day (Rec – Year 2)
  • Year 8 Play ~ Henderson Hall

Moor Park
Shropshire SY8 4DZ

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