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Moor Park offers a wide, rich curriculum which challenges and supports all children. We aim to inspire children through an academic curriculum that strives to create original thinkers who are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world: children who work independently, think concepts through carefully and pursue personal interests as far as possible.

As a prep school, we are preparing children for life, not solely for exams, and our curriculum reflects this aim. Moor Park is a school where academic work is thorough and creative. The school follows the Common Entrance curriculum from Year Six, which is supported by increasingly individualised teaching when a destination school’s curriculum differs from CE. This rigour and attention to the needs of individual children is reflected in the regular awarding of academic scholarships to schools as diverse as Shrewsbury, Hereford Cathedral School, Christ College Brecon, Rugby and Harrow. We ensure that the creative side of academic work is always to the fore. Our ethos is driven by inclusivity – through our stretching academic curriculum and successful Learning Support department, all children, whatever level of support they need, can access our curriculum and enjoy success. We believe that every child is good at something; our passion is to inspire children to find what they love in their studies.

Moor Park
Shropshire SY8 4DZ

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