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Design and Technology

DT lessons at Moor Park are very hands-on, practical, fun, and stimulating to each child’s creativity.

Years Reception, One and Two visit the DT workshop for one hour- long session per term, and they complete simple but useful construction projects to take home. By Year 3,  children attend a double period of DT per week and projects develop in complexity as pupils progress up the school and as their knowledge and manual dexterity grow.

There is also an increasing degree of individual design choice and problem-solving, and a greater emphasis on drawing and presentation as the children progress and become designer/makers.

Wood is the most widely used resistant material, and the school has a large and modern, well-equipped woodshop, but pupils also regularly use metals, plastics, and recycled materials as they see fit.

Moor Park has seen several students gain DT scholarships to the secondary schools of their choice in recent years, and it is hoped that many more will go on to study GCSE Design & Technology.


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