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Geography is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum. The aims of teaching Geography at Moor Park are consistent with the School’s Philosophy and take into account the Geography Syllabus of the Independent School’s Examination Board and the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Geography.

We encourage the pupils to question the world around them and provide them with an opportunity to investigate with field work in all year groups. Pupils are better prepared to understand topics impacting on our planet such as climate change, desertification and El Nino, among others as a result of their studies.

On a local scale we focus on the rivers, landscape, settlements and industry of Shropshire providing cross curricular links with other departments, such as history.

If geography itself has any significance it is that we are made to lift our eyes from our small provincial selves to the whole complex and magnificent world

(Reportedly Richard Burton to the Royal Geographical Society)

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