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Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

The History department’s principal aim is to ‘fire children’s curiosity about the past and to enrich their understanding of human nature and the workings of society’. The study of History is a vital part in a child’s intellectual, spiritual and moral development. It improves both their thinking and communication skills – ‘skills that are prized in adult life’.

Study history, study history.
In history lies all the secrets
of statecraft

Winston Churchill

The children at Moor Park enjoy ‘their’ History and the department has an excellent academic record at both Common Entrance and Scholarship level.

Children are introduced to the analysis of artefacts in the earliest stages and, as they move up the school, they learn to evaluate written sources. A range of teaching methods are adopted from the traditional to the innovative – this includes the use of interactive whiteboards, regular visits to the ICT room and ‘role-plays’.

All Year groups visit sites of historical interest and many also benefit from visiting experts and specialists who come to the school.

History is the open Bible: we historians are not priests to expound it infallibly; our function is to teach people to read it and to reflect upon it for themselves.

George Macaulay Trevelyan

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