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Modern Languages

Modern Languages are an integral part of Moor Park, we generally have a small group of Spanish children staying for one term or one year with us and our pupils are therefore exposed to other languages and realize how important it is to learn at least one other foreign language. French is considered in Moor Park as a core subject as we feel it is an integral part of the children’s education.

Years Three to Eight

Year Four marks the start of the Common Entrance syllabus.  As we usually have new children joining us in Year Four or in Year Five, we revisit topics covered so far with a greater emphasis on accuracy and grammar, in order to give children who have not been exposed to the same amount of French the chance to catch up with their peers and to do well. It is also a good opportunity to consolidate what has been learnt during the previous years.

The course aims to:

  • develop the skills which will enable children to understand the written and spoken language and use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication;
  • give children opportunities to take part in a broad range of linguistic activities such as those set out in the National Curriculum for modern foreign languages;
  • provide a basis for continuing study of the language and encourage independent learning, including the use of dictionaries, glossaries and ICT;
  • give children opportunities to work with authentic language materials;
  • encourage interest in the target countries;
  • provide enjoyment and stimulation;
  • encourage positive attitudes towards the use of modern foreign languages and towards speakers of foreign languages.

The examination will test children’s ability to:

  • show an understanding of the spoken language dealing with a range of familiar topics, and identify and note main points and specific details, including opinions;
  • take part in short conversations, giving and obtaining information and opinions;
  • show an understanding of a number of printed items, ranging from short, simple phrases to longer, more complex texts and identify and note main points and specific details, including opinions;
  • produce pieces of writing, ranging from short phrases to longer passages in which they seek and convey information and opinions.

We believe in Moor Park that to learn a language you must understand how it works. Grammar is a central part of the course, the course we use in Years Four to Eight –So you really want to learn French, by Nigel Pearce- is a clearly structured book with a strong emphasis on grammar, with still an element of fun. In Year 8 we concentrate on consolidation of vocabulary and grammar rules and exam preparation with regular listening, reading and writing tests and weekly speaking practice. 


In Year Seven we introduce Spanish as an additional language. The aim of this curriculum is to expose children to another language and culture but also to give them the chance to apply methods used learning French to another language. For two lessons a week children follow the Listos curriculum and engage in supplementary activities. Children continue studying Spanish in Year 8 with greater emphasis on grammar and speaking as well as listening and reading comprehension.

Year Seven trip to France

At the end of the Summer term, the Year 7 go to France for a week. We stay in a gite in the Mayenne region for a week. Different visits are organised: visit to Roman ruins in Jublains, Lactopole in Laval, American military cemetery in St James, Le Mont Saint-Michel, the Pegasus Bridge museum and Pontmain, a small village with a beautiful church erected in memory of  Virgin Mary’s apparition in 1871. We also have plenty of fun with a visit to le Jardin Aquatique in Evron and to a Fun Parc, l’Ange Michel. It is a great opportunity for the chidren to discover another culture and to use what they have been learning in the classroom. It is also a very good way for the Year 7 to experience living together for a week and create strong links before embarking on their final year in school. 


May 2017

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Rounders U9 v Abberley Hall (A) U8 v Abberley Hall (A)
  • Cricket 2nd v Lucton (H) Colts A v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (A) Colts B v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (A)
  • Rounders U13A v Winterfold (A) U13B v Winterfold (A) U11A v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (H) U11B v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (H) U10 v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (H)
  • Kindergarten 'Stay & Play' session
  • Year 3 Parent/Form Teacher Meeting ~ Library
  • Headmaster's Drinks for Tick Tock – Yr 2 inc. Parents ~ Clock House
  • Rounders U13A v The Elms (A) U13B v The Elms (A) U13C v The Elms (A)
  • Cricket 1st v The Elms (A) 2nd v The Elms (A) Colts A v The Elms (H) Colts B v The Elms (H)
  • Effort Grades: Years 3, 4, 5 & 8
  • Mini Explorers 'Pirate Adventure' Day for Early Years children and their families
  • Mass
  • West Midlands Triathlon at Lucton School
  • Year 6 trip to Shrewsbury Castle
  • Rounders U13A v Bedstone College (A) U13B v Winterfold (H) U11A v Winterfold (H)
  • Cricket 1st v Bromsgrove (H) 2nd v Bromsgrove (H) Colts A v King’s Hawford (A) Colts B v King’s Hawford (A)
  • Kindergarten 'Stay & Play' session
  • Year 5 Parents' Evening ~ Henderson Hall
  • 'Nearest Earthly Place to Paradise' Book Launch ~ Henderson Hall
  • Stonar One Day Event
  • Cricket 1st v Abberley Hall (A) 2nd v Abberley Hall (H) 3rd v Abberley Hall (A) Colts A v Abberley Hall (H) Colts B v Abberley Hall (A)
  • Rounders U13A v Malvern St James (A) U13B v Malvern St James (A) U13C v Malvern St James (A) U11A v Malvern St James (H) U11B v Malvern St James (H) U10 v Malvern St James (H)
  • Year 1 ‘Bring your bike/scooter to school’ day
  • Year 4 sleepover – School House
  • Year 2 Trip to Blists Hill
  • Year 4 Parents' Drinks & Boarding House Tour
  • Rounders U9 v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (A) U8 v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (A)
  • Cricket U9 v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (H) U8 v Hereford Cathedral Junior School (H)
  • Kindergarten 'Stay & Play' session
  • Moor Park Open Golf Championships
  • Cricket 1st v Abberley Hall (H) 2nd v Abberley Hall (A) 3rd v Abberley Hall (A) U10 v RGS Worcester Tournament (A)
  • Girls’ Cricket U13A v Abberley Hall (H) U13B v Abberley Hall (H) U13C v Abberley Hall (A) U11A v Abberley Hall (A)
  • Year 5 Experience Pentecost, Ludlow
  • Headmaster's Drinks for Years 3, 4 & 5 Parents ~ Clock House
  • Camo Weekend
  • Cricket 1st v Prestfelde (A) 2nd v Prestfelde (H) Colts A v Prestfelde (A) Colts B v Prestfelde (H)
  • Rounders U13A v The Downs, Malvern (H) U13B v The Downs, Malvern (H) U13C v The Downs, Malvern (H) U11A v The Downs, Malvern (A) U11B v The Downs, Malvern (A)
  • U13/U11 Malvern College Aquathlon (Girls & Boys)
  • Mass (Ludlow)
  • Year 3 – Coast Trip - Aberystwyth
  • Early Years Woodland Ramble
  • Cricket U9 v Abberley Hall (H) U8 v Abberley Hall (H)
  • Rounders U9A v The Downs, Malvern (A) U9B v The Downs, Malvern (A)
  • Ballet/Jazz Dance Open Day (see Newsletter for class timings)
  • Ladies Team Doubles Tennis Tournament
  • Cricket 1st v Lucton (H) Colts A v Lucton (H)
  • Rounders U11A v The Elms (A) U10 v The Elms (A)
  • Pre-Prep Plant & Homemade Goods Sale
  • Lucton Aquathlon Yrs 3 - 6
  • Team Photographs
  • Headmaster's Drinks for Yrs 6, 7 & 8 Parents ~ Clock House

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