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Religious Studies

Moor Park follows the ISEB’s Syllabus B which examines more thoroughly the Roman Catholic tradition. This is in keeping with the traditions of the school, which was itself founded on the Catholic faith.

The aim is to provide a body of knowledge about the Catholic faith that enables the pupils to explore their spirituality in relation to the Gospels. It is also hoped that the course is balanced in terms of breadth and depth ‘and offers all candidates, of any religious persuasion or none, the opportunity to demonstrate their attainment, irrespective of their gender or ethnic or social background.’ (ISEB) Moor Park is an open, accepting community, ecumenical in spirit, striving to engender in pupils a healthy respect for all other major world faiths. However the school’s spirituality comes from our Catholic belief that Jesus Christ was both fully God and fully man, and as such is calling us into a new relationship with God through his teachings in the Gospels. Through the Religious Studies curriculum, children can both question and gain knowledge, preparing them for further study of religion at their next schools. 

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