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Learning Support

Moor Park’s SEN philosophy

Moor Park welcomes all children who can make the most of the opportunities we offer and can flourish in our caring environment.  Treating every child as an individual is important to us; we welcome pupils with special educational needs.   All staff who teach and support these pupils have the highest aspirations for them; we work as a team to help all children in achieving their potential in all areas of school life.

The prime aim of the Learning Support Department is that no child should leave Moor Park without basic skills in literacy and numeracy.  It is recognised that the children who come to the Department for support have a wide range of intellectual abilities and therefore our goal is that their literacy and numeracy attainments should reach their potential, enabling them to work at the same level as their intellectual peers.  With few exceptions, all Learning Support children will take Common Entrance examinations; the Department will ensure that they receive support, applying for special conditions where appropriate, to enable them to sit the exam.

Some children with specific difficulties may also be gifted or talented; the Department aims to support children in their strengths as well as in their weaknesses, recognising, supporting and encouraging their efforts.

It is understood and acknowledged that many children with learning difficulties may also have poor self-esteem and lack confidence at some point in their school life.  It is a main aim of the Department to boost morale, instil confidence and reassure our pupils (and their parents) that, despite their difficulties, with hard work and support they can achieve their potential.

Moor Park follows the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 (Children and Families Act, 2014).

On entry

We advise parents of children with special educational needs or disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with the Headmaster or our Head of Learning Support so that adequate provision can be made.  Parents should provide a copy of any specialist reports (e.g. an educational psychologist’s assessment, medical reports) if available, to support a request for special arrangements such as large print or extra time in examinations.

Each pupil with a special educational need or disability requires special consideration and treatment.  If appropriate, adjustments will need to be put in place.  We will discuss thoroughly with parents and child and, where necessary, external specialists, the adjustments that can reasonably be made for their child, once they have accepted the offer of a place and before the child becomes a pupil at the school.

Practical Support

If SEN Support is deemed necessary, we may offer specialist one-to-one lessons and help with study skills outside the normal curriculum.  We work closely with children and parents to help overcome the barriers that their difficulties present.  The timetabling of support sessions takes into account individual needs and preferences.

Where external specialists have been involved, they may offer a course of individual sessions in school, for example speech and language therapy, occupational therapy or counselling.  The Department welcomes this and will assist with timetabling, resources and accommodation.


February 2018

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Year 4 trip to Caerleon Museum
  • JAC County Hockey
  • Governors meeting ~ Library
  • Debate ~ Library
  • Moonlight Madness – An open event for children up to 7 years of age.
  • Mass (Ludlow)
  • U3/U11 Abberley Hall Relays
  • Year 6 Trip to Judges’ Lodgings
  • Team Photographs
  • JAC County Hockey
  • School Council Disco ~ Henderson Hall Years 6, 7 & 8
  • School Council Disco ~ Henderson Hall Years, 3, 4 & 5
  • Years 8 Examinations
  • JAC County Hockey
  • MPS drinks – East India Club, St James’ Square, London SW1Y 4LH
  • Pre-Prep & Tick Tock Drinks ~ Clock House Creche available to 6.30 p.m.
  • Full Boarders 'In' Weekend
  • Ludlow Music Society ~ Henderson Hall
  • Mass (followed by Supper)
  • Jenny Valentine ~ author visit to Year 8
  • Year 1 Trip to Kingsland
  • Year 6 Parents’ Evening ~ Henderson Hall

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