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Overseas Pupils

Moor Park has been welcoming overseas children for a number of years and have all enjoyed the experience. We only take a small number from any one country for a full year. We find that both overseas children and British children benefit from this arrangement enormously, not only in terms of language, but by experiencing other cultures and by developing lasting friendships.

We find it beneficial to have more than one child from the same country as they provide support for each other, particularly in the early stages, and therefore it is unlikely that your child will feel out of place.  Children should have a reasonable level of English before coming to Moor Park, although we do find that total immersion in the language soon enables them to be understood and feel part of the Moor Park community.

We follow the English National Curriculum but the children are usually in advance of this. All overseas children will follow this curriculum but will be given academic support to enable them to participate in these lessons. We also offer subjects outside the National Curriculum e.g. Latin and Personal & Social Health Education.

It may be possible for an overseas child to study for and participate in one of the nationally recognised Cambridge Exam (KET, PET, FCE). This must be arranged separately and will incur an additional charge.

We usually use Birmingham airport (& Heathrow if required) and transport can be arranged to and from the airport. The cost will be dependent on numbers and whether a minibus or taxi is used. It will be divided between the children and will be billed separately.

We have ‘leave weekends’ (Exeat) approximately every 3 weeks when overseas students stay with English families who have children in the school. At half term, overseas pupils are expected to return home to their families. They need this contact with their parents and it can be difficult to find somewhere for them to stay for a whole week.


Applicants from China:

所有中国大陆的申请者请联系我们官方代表: UK Boarding Schools Admissions Service


电话:+86 (0)21 63306270(上海办公室),+86 (0)10 85317356(北京办公室)




电邮: admin@ukboardingschools.org.uk

网址: www.ukboardingschools.org.uk

微信:英国传统寄宿学校UKBS(订阅号), 英国私立寄宿中小学(服务号)


All applicants from mainland China should contact our official representative:UK Boarding Schools Admissions Service

Tel: +86 (0)21 63306270 (Shanghai Office),+86 (0)10 85317356 (Beijing Office)


Room 503, No.8, Zhongshan E-2 Road, Shanghai, 200002, China

Beijing Office: Room 1708, 17F, Tower D1, DRC Diplomatic Office Building, No.19 Dongfang Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100016, China

Email: admin@ukboardingschools.org.uk

Website: www.ukboardingschools.org.uk

WeChat: 英国传统寄宿学校UKBS(订阅号), 英国私立寄宿中小学(服务号)



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