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Our Values

Nurturing and protecting a childhood where freedom, exploration and play abound and friendships are made

To be academically ambitious for every child, at their level, on a nationally benchmarked path to the best destination school for them

Understanding, respecting and uplifting the diverse nature of our whole school community

Founded on Christian values, providing a strong  moral compass with an emphasis on empathy and understanding for all cultures and religions

A caring, involved school community who give wholeheartedly to others in school and outside


Guiding children to discover a delight in learning, a desire to know and a willingness to continually seek knowledge

Providing outstanding pastoral care by truly knowing and understanding every individual child

Developing independence, inter-dependence, and community spirit in a nurturing country boarding environment

A place where we learn to be kind to ourselves,  kind to others and kind to our planet

Helping children to understand the marvels of our natural world and the responsibility we have to protect and sustain it