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To be a boarder at Moor Park is to be a part of our amazing boarding family, whether a child is a flexi-boarder or a full-time boarder. Our focus in boarding is to build lifelong friendships, have a family ethos where we all look out for each other, and finally, and most importantly, always having fun. Children board at Moor Park because they want to, and that is because of the atmosphere within the boarding house and the fun they have with their friends. 

Our boarding family is overseen by Mr Dunham as Head of Boarding, Mrs Dunham who is the Girls’ House Parent and Miss S who is the Boys’ House Parent. Their primary focus is on ensuring the happiness and good health of all the boarders at Moor Park and to build close relationships with the parents of the children. Their contact details are as below. 

Weekday Boarding 

We offer a complete flexibility when it comes to boarding. Children can board for any number of nights from 1-7 per week and are always made to feel very welcome. We occasionally run taster nights during the academic year where whole year groups can take part, so if one day they decide to do some boarding they already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. 

Our weekday boarding time is split into the fun and energetic evenings and the cosy, relaxing time upstairs. Children have a programme of exciting evening activities available to them, ranging from Sports Hall games to Disney Club, from Nerf Battles to E-Sports, and from Hockey Training to DT projects. There are activities available that cater to every child’s appetite. And, speaking of appetite, there is of course the very popular Wednesday night Tuck Shop, which is a particularly tasty night to be a boarder!  

Full Boarders can phone home every evening at 7:30pm while the flexi boarders head upstairs to the wings where the children are met by the boarding staff and, after a shower and changing into PJ’s, relax in the kitchen area eating cereal and toast (and an occasional hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows!), reading and playing games in their dorms or take part in a really relaxing, and completely uncompetitive game of corridor cricket!  

Weekend Boarding 

Weekends are open to the whole Prep School community to join our Full Boarders. Activities are arranged for Saturday evenings and trips or onsite activities are organised for Sundays. The Head of Boarding publishes the weekend activity programme in advance and is available on the school calendar (link). Saturday evening activities have included Karaoke Night, Spa Night, Dance Competitions, Biscuit Decorating, Movie Nights and lots more. 

Sunday’s start with a late breakfast followed by an opportunity for our Catholic children to attend Mass at St Peter’s in Ludlow. We often then go on a trip, and recent highlights have been Redpoint Climbing Centre in Worcester, Flip Out in Hereford, RAF Cosford, Ice Skating and Laser Quest at Ice Quest in Malvern, Low Ropes and Paintballing at Oaker Wood, visiting the Ludlow Pumpkin Patch at Downton Hall Estate and shopping in Hereford. Sometimes we stay onsite and have enjoyed Inflatable Fun with bungee runs and gladiator duelling, Escape Rooms, Christmas Crafting, Crazy Golf and a humungous Chinese Takeaway to celebrate Chinese New Year. Weekends are great fun at Moor Park! 

Full Boarding 

Whether your child is a UK national or an overseas student, full boarding offers children a great opportunity to develop an awareness of cultural differences and traditions, to widen their horizons and to form close friendships with one another. House parents make regular contact with parents of Full Boarders and send photographs home of the children enjoying their time at Moor Park. Regular academic feedback will also be provided by the child’s academic tutor and an online video call will be arranged for overseas parents in place of parents’ evenings. On two occasions each term we have an exeat weekend where overseas children can either stay in school or they may also get invitations to stay at a friend’s house. The Head of Boarding will help with all the arrangements for these weekends. 

Boarding Activities

At Moor Park, our boarders can experience all sorts of extra-curricular activities on and off site. With plenty of time to relax, spend time with friends and simply be children. Boarding life is fun, interesting, and worthwhile.

Boarding Contact

Toby Dunham (Head of Boarding): 

Charlotte Dunham (Girls’ House Parent): 

Lucy Sewell (Boys’ House Parent):


For those pupils who families are outside the UK or EU, a Guardian over 25yrs and residing in the UK must be appointed for various reasons. One can be arranged by an AEGIS accredited agency if no relative or such is available.

Travel Arrangements

We provide airport transfers for all our international students. Getting your children into our care as quickly as possible after their overseas flight, for a safer and smoother process for all.

Overseas Boarders

With students attending from countries around the world we work hard to ensure that children feel included and supported. We provide extra tutoring where needed so they can embrace school life to the full at Moor Park near Ludlow.

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