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Overseas Boarders

Overseas children have been coming to Moor Park for a number of years and have all enjoyed the experience.  Many of our Overseas Alumni are now choosing to send their children to Moor Park to enjoy the same experience and opportunities as they themselves did.

We only take a small number from any one country for a full year. We find it beneficial to have more than one child from the same country as they provide support for each other, particularly in the early stages.

Children should have a reasonable level of English before coming to Moor Park.

We follow the English National Curriculum but our children are usually in advance of this. All overseas children will follow this curriculum but will be given academic support to enable them to participate in these lessons. We also offer subjects outside the National Curriculum eg Latin and Personal & Social Health Education.

Upon arrival, children will be assessed on their level on English and given ‘extra English’ instruction accordingly.  Overseas children will be given up to three classes of timetabled teaching per week for English support/EAL lessons. They will also receive individual tutor support and guidance.

It may be possible for an overseas child to study one of the nationally recognized Cambridge Exam (KET, PET, FCE). This must be arranged separately and will incur an additional charge.

Travel arrangements are made by school, with minibuses picking children up from local and national airports.

We have ‘leave weekends’ (Exeat) approximately every 3 weeks when overseas Students usually stay with English families who have children in the school. At half term we strongly recommend that children return home to their families. They need this contact with their parents and it can be difficult to find somewhere for them to stay for a whole week.

For children who are coming for the whole year, it is important that we have the name of someone to contact in England in case of emergency. Our non-European boarders will need a Guardian.

The fees are charged termly in advance and cover academic and accommodation expenses. Extras, such as trips and outings, travel to and from the airport, additional EAL lessons and music instrument lessons, are charged in arrears and will be listed on the following term’s invoice. The easiest method of payment is by bank transfer. Please find the school’s bank details here.

Once again, we are very grateful to the entire Moor Park team for always making things easy.