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Travel Arrangements

We organise the logistics of flight arrivals for all of our international students, although it may be that you have your own arrangements to bring your child to school for the first time.

We operate airport transfers on our school minibuses for those children arriving unaccompanied at airports (generally London Heathrow, Manchester or Birmingham).  For this we need the following information:

  • flight details ie flight number, arrival time, airport and terminal details, including a copy of the ticket
  • any information regarding unaccompanied minor status if applicable
  • confirmation of COVID vaccination status, and copies of vaccination certificates where applicable
  • a boarding pass just prior to departure
  • A photograph of the child so our drivers can recognise them.  The bus driver holds a Moor Park sign, so the students know whom to approach

Pupils should aim to arrive in the UK the morning of the day before school starts as far as possible.  It should not be before this date, as Moor Park staff will still be on holiday. 

If the students travel in a group the cost is split between them, so this is much more cost effective for you.  It is also much easier logistically for us and safer for our students.  

For those of our boarders traveling from the UK, we offer the option of meeting the minibuses at their nearest airport.  Alternatively, transport can be arranged as necessary.

All transfers are added to the school bill.

For further information, please contact Clare Donovan on