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Founders' Fund

The Moor Park Founders' Fund has been established to mark the 60th anniversary of the school and in memory of the school’s founding headmasters, to reflect our ambitions for growth and inclusivity, and to foster a life-long relationship between the school, alumni, parents and friends.

The Founders' Fund has been set up with the purpose to extend access to an outstanding education through increased numbers of bursary places and to equip pupils with leading technology to help prepare them for the future.

This fund will provide transformational change for our pupils, for now and for the future.

With your support we will change lives.

Bursary Fund

Provide financial assistance in the form of bursaries to children whose family background or circumstances may not otherwise enable them access to a Moor Park education. It is our belief that independent schools have a moral, social and political responsibility to help to bridge the societal divide for the benefit of all.

IT Fund

Provide an exceptional experience for current and future pupils through upgraded IT equipment and technology that is responsive to the changing needs of the school. The prospects of today’s students will be increasingly influenced by their familiarity and confidence with a wide range of technologies and IT equipment. This expertise will enable them to transition seamlessly into the world of work.

Ways to Pay

For further information about giving a legacy gift or the Founders’ Fund please get in touch with the Bursar on: 01584 871 514

Introduction from the Headmaster:

Sixty years ago, Moor Park was established by Derek Henderson and Hugh Watts with the aim of providing a unique preparatory education in a country setting. They measured success not by scholarships or academic achievement, important as these are, but rather by their challenge to the children to “look for the best in others, never be rude, refuse to hate, not bear a grudge, learn to apologise gracefully, never create unhappiness for others, make the most of all that life has to offer - and say your prayers every day.” These are timeless principles to live by, as much a measure of success today as they were in 1964.

It is the aim of the Founder’s Fund to extend the benefits of a Moor Park education to future generations through bursary provision and capital development of the campus. Those who have gone before left a legacy in the quality of the education and in their stewardship of the estate. It behoves the current generation to ensure the founders’ principles continue to be lived by children in an environment that is truly a magical place for a childhood - and where prayers are still said every day.