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Bus Routes

We are now running 4 bus routes, morning and evening. All routes arrive at Moor Park at around 8.10 am and depart at either 6.00 pm.  We are constantly renewing our bus routes in order to accommodate demand. If there is not currently a bus route running in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements.

Bus Route A

Morning Schedule
  Almeley       7.10 am     
  Dilwyn  7.24 am
  Pembridge 7.35 am
  Milton Farm 7.41 am
  Shobdon 7.44 am
  Lucton 7.51 am
  Moor Park 8.10 am


Evening Schedule
  Moor Park  6.00 pm  
  Lucton 6.18 pm
  Shobdon 6.27 pm
  Milton Farm 6.30 pm
  Pembridge 6.36 pm
  Dilwyn 6.48 pm
  Almeley 7.02 pm


Bus Route C

Morning Schedule
  Shipton              7.27 am      
  Millichope Park           7.36 am
  Middleton 7.56 am
  Moor Park 8.10 am


Evening Schedule
  Moor Park 6.00 pm
  Middleton 6.13 pm
  Millichope Park   6.35 pm
  Shipton 6.44 pm
  Morville 6.55 pm


Bus Route B

Morning Schedule
  Clun        7.15 am      
  Craven Arms 7.33 am
  Knowbury 7.53 am
  Moor Park 8.10 am


Evening Schedule
  Moor Park 6.00 pm
  Knowbury 6.16 pm
  Craven Arms 6.37 pm
  Broome 6.45 pm
  Clun 7.02 pm


Bus Route D

Morning Schedule
  Upper Sapey 7.15 am (currently unused)
  Stanford Bridge 7.19 am (currently unused)
  Stockton on Teme 7.26 am (currently unused)
  Newnham Bridge 7.34 am                            
  Tenbury Wells 7.41 am                           
  Nash 7.49 am                          
  Moor Park 8.10 am                          


Evening Schedule
  Moor Park 6.00 pm                             
  Nash 6.22 pm                            
  Tenbury Wells 6.29 pm                            
  Newnham Bridge   6.38 pm                            
  Stockton on Teme

6.45 pm (currently unused)

  Stanford Bridge 6.51 pm (currently unused)
  Upper Sapey 6.55 pm (currently unused)


This is a private bus service for the use of Moor Park only and members of the public cannot, and do not, use the service.

Pupils may take the bus from Year 1 upwards.

Bus routes may alter from term to term, depending on the level of requirement.