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Pre-Prep School

At Moor Park our Pre-Prep spans from Kindergarten through to the end of Year 3, with the final year providing a stepping-stone to the Prep School by way of the introduction to boarding, inter-school matches and lessons in specialist subject rooms. 

A great Pre-Prep education is about building firm academic foundations - but more than that, it’s about nurturing curiosity and offering a wide variety of new experiences in a supportive environment that promotes a confident ‘have a go’ attitude.

Our wide variety of extra-curricular activities, alongside a broad and engaging curriculum, offers each child the opportunity to explore and discover - promoting a life-long love of learning. Connecting children to the natural world is key to their holistic development, and we embrace an active, outdoor education that celebrates the seasons and utilises our wonderful grounds (including our dedicated Woodland School site).

Pre-Prep is a happy, enthusiastic, and vibrant community: the perfect environment for growth and development. It is hard to describe what it is that makes Moor Park so special. The 'feeling' that visiting parents describe we believe is a recognition that this is a school that lets their children revel in their childhood - in all its muddy, adventurous, cartwheeling glory.

I do hope you will come and see for yourself what makes Moor Park the right school for your Pre-Prep child.

Sally Phillips, Head of Pre-Prep


"...a school that lets their children revel in their childhood - in all its muddy, adventurous, cartwheeling glory."


From Kindergarten to Year 3, we progress from learning through play to more formal lessons to ensure that children adjust smoothly and happily. Year 2 introduces more core subjects and trips outside of school. 

Prep Prep outdoors and nature at Moor Prak


We love to be outdoors, whether we are building dens, teaching in our purpose-built wooden classroom, or watching a creative performance in our outdoor theatre. Embracing the freedom that comes from fresh air and nature.

Pre Prep wellbeing at Moor Park


We know that happy children flourish, so knowing and understanding each child individually is hugely important to us. This enables us to engage, challenge and encourage in the right way and at the right time.

Extra curricular activities at Moor Park Pre Prep

Extra-Curricular & Enrichment

At Moor Park, we support all levels of educational needs and encourage the children to try everything. Offering a wide range of activities and sports for all interests and abilities, we find their extraordinary.

Pre Prep sports at Moor Park


With strong appreciation of the proven benefits of regular exercise, we have something for every ability, mindset, and unique spark. We encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes movement to promote development and learning.

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