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Pastoral Care

Our teachers make the happiness, security and personal development of each child their overriding concern. We take care to get to know your child and their individual needs, strengths and interests. We are a happy school, not least because the staff care so much about each child, but also because the children know this.

We nurture each child’s growing sense of identity, celebrating differences to promote a feeling of self-belief as well as respect both for themselves and others. Not every child is good at everything, but each child is good something – and we work to uncover each of our pupils’ talents wherever they may lie.

We have high expectations of behaviour, with emphasis on kindness. As a kind school, the children support each other in games and performances, enthusiastically celebrate the work and achievement of others and always look to help each other when help is needed.

Children are supported as they develop vital life-skills such as making and keeping friendships, listening and self-expression. It’s not always easy to work (or play) together but our pupils are helped to appreciate the perspectives of others and enjoy the benefits of cooperation and teamwork.

Our form teachers are the first point of contact for parents. Parents see the form teacher every day when they drop off or pick up their child and are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have – as well as to share any good news.

It is in this supportive environment that our Pre-Prep pupils develop the independence, self-esteem and necessary skills to flourish, before progressing confidently to the next stage of their life here at Moor Park.