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Moor Park's tennis programme runs all year around, delivered by Lawn Tennis Association qualified coaches Richard Wheeler and Jack Fletcher.  Lessons can start in Kindergarten and are offered right through the school (including past and current parents).  With the option of group, private, paired and cardio tennis there is choice for everyone, regardless of age or ability. 

The children's lessons are aimed at developing athleticism, balance, co-ordination and speed, with many transferable skills being learnt (for example we see significant development in the younger children's hand-eye co-ordination).  Tennis is a fantastic sport to master, offering many physical, mental and social benefits that will last beyond school life.  Some Moor Park students chose tennis as one of their sports in pursuit of a sports scholarship to senior school.

Head coach Richard first started teaching Moor Park pupils in 2010 and is passionate about pupils reaching their potential: 'It is particularly rewarding to witness the progression of skills in a child who might not be confident in their own sporting ability, but goes on to develop a good game of tennis by the age of thirteen - growing in self-esteem whilst further enhancing friendships through sport'. 

Competitive Opportunities

Dependant on age, all pupils at Moor Park have the opportunity to enter tennis competitions from fun events up to the annual School championships in the Summer term.

Summer 2023

School Championships: Y2-8

Parent and child tournament: Y6-8

Ladies Strawberries and Cream Doubles Tournament

Termly Rally Awards:  K-Y4

The number one tactic in tennis is to get the ball 'over and in'.  We encourage pupils to play with control and develop their rallying ability.  Players have the opportunity to gain a rally award certificate each term, which follows a similar line to swimming distance awards.

If your child has been taking part in tennis lessons during the previous term, they are automatically added to the relevant group unless the required period of notice has been given. Additional squads/times can be added to the programme if your child is unable to make the session above.

New Player Places

To book a place on the Moor Park tennis programme please click below or e-mail Richard Wheeler at are awarded on a first come first served basis.

Sports4U’s website has a page dedicated to Moor Park where tennis information, tournaments and holiday coaching camp letters can be seen.

Tennis Policy 

  • A full half term’s notice is required should your child wish to stop tennis. 

  • Pupils will be given an extra lesson if they miss one due to school fixtures/trips. 

  • Pupils who are unable to attend lessons over a period of three weeks or more due to illness or injury can carry over sessions to the next term. 

  • Pupils missing lessons for other reasons may be able to do a ‘catch up’ lesson occasionally but this is not guaranteed.