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Moor Park was founded in the Catholic tradition and offers our children a solid, spiritual foundation with enduring values that give hope, solace and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

Such benefits pervade the school, and although the majority of children at Moor Park are not Catholic, we believe that our tradition makes the community strong and children of all faiths (and none) are welcome here.

We have regular services in the beautiful school Chapel and full boarders attend Mass each Sunday. Our Chapel is a quiet and peaceful place in which children and adults can take a moment to reflect. It is also home to our wonderful Chapel Choir, whose performance at this year's Hereford Festival won a gold medal.

Singing isn't just an activity for the choir however, and the children all enjoy an enthusiastic hymn to begin their day with purpose and unity.

We also ensure that our children have full exposure to other traditions, an understanding of the wider world and a healthy respect for the beliefs and backgrounds of others. This is taught in weekly Religious Studies classes from Year 3, with the Pre-Prep children learning bible stories through acting and song in a weekly 'Open the Book' session.

In any school, the children will achieve their potential only if they are happy.  Each week we have a ‘value’ which the whole school reflects upon and tries to live by. Christian values are based on the love of God and concern for the individual; pastoral care is thus of paramount importance to us, first and last.

Children singing in chapel choir