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Extra-Curricular & Enrichment

Woodland School & The Outdoor Spaces

These sessions take full advantage of the beautiful grounds at Moor Park and our wonderful Woodland School site, which offers plenty of space to explore and discover. Additionally, we have an outdoor play area developed especially for little people, which is situated adjacent to the indoor areas and where our children play each day.

Older Butterfly children have the opportunity to attend our special ‘Woodland School’ sessions, alongside the Kindergarten children. The majority of the Early Years staff have undertaken training in Outdoor Education provision through Sam Goddard at Rooted Forest Schools. 

The benefits of 'nature-play' are well known. As well as promoting physical well-being, the outdoor environment is ever-changing, impacted by the seasons and weather, and offers a true multi-sensory experience. Typically we think of the senses as being sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, but vestibular (movement and balance) and proprioception (body position) are just as critical to healthy development.

Perhaps best of all, sunlight and exercise increase our levels of serotonin, which help us feel happier and relaxed.

Baby Sensory & Music Makers

Baby Sensory and Music Maker sessions take place on Wednesday mornings with the main emphasis on learning through fun. The sessions range from relaxed, multi-sensory activities for our youngest children, to more high energy, action packed sessions for our older children. All children enjoy learning action songs, playing circle games with parachutes, singing songs with puppets and joining in a song with percussion instruments as a group.

Mini Movers

Dance sessions are for the children in the Butterfly Room. They are taught by Mrs Leianne Bates, Principle of Insteps Dance Academy in Ludlow, who has years of experience at running dance classes for children of all ages. Mini Movers sessions take place on a Tuesday morning and are a fun introduction to moving to music.


Sports Stars

These fun sessions take place on a Thursday morning for our Butterfly Room children, taken by a member of our Sports Staff. The programme introduces the basics of movement 'shapes' to the children and the ‘ABC’s’ of any sport; Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. This is all created in an environment where children will learn to see exercise as fun and be gently introduced to competition and how they learn to manage winning and losing.

Baby 'Sing and Sign'

Our Nursery is an accredited ‘Sing and Sign’ setting. Baby signing sessions are part of everyday interactions with our littlest children and also part of circle time sessions with our Butterfly children, aiding them in developing their pre-verbal communication.