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Wellbeing is fundamental to our health and overall happiness. We support positive mental health in many ways.  For example, enabling the children to understand their emotions and self-regulate. We use ‘The Colour Monster’ to explore emotions through colour, mindful activities, exploring emotions, sharing feelings and always being kind.

Our staff enjoy random acts of kindness, such as a 'shout out to staff board' where staff celebrate colleagues’ achievements, team events, and treat rewards and most importantly the support of each other. 


Our team includes the support of a school doctor and a fully qualified onsite Matron. In addition, the Head of Early Years holds certificated 'Educare' qualifications in supporting staff wellbeing in schools and mental wellbeing in children and young people. 

Nominated staff members undertake The Safe Handling of Medication qualification and all our staff are paediatric first aid trained and qualified to use the two onsite defibrillators and epipens.


All our food is prepared freshly on site by our in-house catering team, Thomas Franks. We provide for a wide range of dietary requirements, intolerances, and allergies. Our experienced catering manager works closely with our families to ensure we offer our children well-balanced and nutritious meals.

Keeping children hydrated is of prime importance to their development and concentration, therefore, water is available in the rooms and all children have their own water bottles/beakers that they can independently access. All children are given water at all snack and mealtimes, and more often during the summer.

A full day at nursery includes breakfast, hot lunch, hot tea, and snacks, including fresh fruit.