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There is no better place for a child to be than one where they have room to roam, explore, and play - stimulating curiosity and igniting their imagination, leading to a lifelong love of learning.

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We pride ourselves on our outstanding academic teaching - from learning through play to more formal lessons, our children are always being challenged. With small classes and passionate teachers, we ignite a thirst for learning and personal growth that remains with our children always


Art, Drama and Music are all part of the daily curriculum but we also offer a wide selection of Performing Arts lessons with our amazing peripatetic teachers.  Allowing children to explore their strengths, build confidence and shine in a variety of ways


Boarding is part of the Moor Park life - whether it be full, weekly or flexi - our pupils are known to beg their parents to let them stay. Many of our students go on to senior boarding schools comfortably and confidently


We place great value on manners and respect for others, epitomised by our weekly Good Egg Award. Prioritising personalised care, inclusivity, and empathy.  Helping everyone to thrive and enjoy school life to its fullest


From an early age our children have unrivalled coaching in several sports, but they also learn the life lessons of teamwork and participation.  Our comprehensive programme focuses on physical development and healthy competition, plus life skills such as swimming


Faith underpins our life at Moor Park, our ethos is of Catholic kindness with which we imbue our pupils whatever their faith, or none.  We hold regular services including Sunday Mass for those of our boarders who wish to attend and hope they join us to reflect on the week

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. It should be. Education matters, and children only get one crack at childhood. It should be a magical time, filled with adventure, discovery and exploration – with an audio track of laughter, cogs whirring, exclamation and a million ’why’s. 

At Moor Park, we seek to protect this time in our pupils’ lives. To surround them with opportunities to learn, get them outdoors as much as possible, emphasise play, encourage connection (human and planet) and shield them from the pressures of a society that demands they grow up too fast.

All in the embrace of a community where everyone is comfortable to fail, before they succeed.

We place importance upon mindsets that will make children good people, who make wise decisions and reap the rewards of a life lived well. These mindsets are embedded into each lesson (formal or otherwise) and, together with a Good Egg award, are celebrated each week by the Headmaster, peers and enthusiastic applause.  

Resilience. Confidence. Critical Thinking. Creativity. Independence. Curiosity. 

Moor Park pupils leave us as confident new teenagers who are prepared for the challenges awaiting them in Senior School, equipped with the tools they need to choose the right path for them, and the courage to make the most of the opportunities presented to them – whether the result is academic success, sporting prowess, musical talent, performing artistry, creative endeavour, technical proclivity or simply the spark of something uniquely special. 

We find their (extra)ordinary. 

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